My Worn Flats, Nasty Pantyhose and Sweaty Nylon Massage Socks Show

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I wore the items in this video for 10 days in a row 24 hours a day, and someone lucky will get them to sniff em real soon and add it to his collection, what you get is me modeling these treasures for you and showing you all the features of my reeking nasty smelly goddess nylon massage socks from legs, worn over nasty toe-jam filled grey hanes reinforced toe hosiery, made sweaty in my hush puppy leather flats that have become discolored from my foot sweat. Watch the damage with close-ups in HD, watch the dried sweat turn into dust as I play with all this stinky nylon and leather worn goodies. Yum Yum slave. I dare you not to blow your load while watching this if you're into the real extreme worn nylons, sweaty pantyhose and shoes. It is very disgusting for some, but for you my lovelies it's heaven!

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