Smelly Worn Stockings POV

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As a result of my experimental stinky stocking auction going better than expected I decided to film a sniffing domination video, no cuts, just 17 exhausting minutes of my foot stench filmed in broadcast quality. At the time of filming these were worn for 6 days 24 hours per day in my reeking nasty size 6 Ann Taylor LOFT flats. This video is like a virtual session. Where you start off on the floor and I begin dominating you, you foot and shoe sniffing retard. There is a surprise at the end of the video for those that can hold out that long.... Don't torture yourself, it's okay to like smelly feet, especially super smelly feet, reeking worn out flats, and my nasty stockings, that have ground in foot skin from extreme wear. Surrender to my stench. This version is for the person who runs Windows and wants to see every possible detail of my stockings in the highest definition 1920x1080 resolution broadcast, blu-ray quality, shot at 1080 progressive, so there are no interlacing artifacts you can see every thread of the hosiery clearly.

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