Foot Sniffing Slave Captured POV

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Web Series Premier - Pilot of Zero Choice, a point of view series. You the audience are my unwilling slave. Captured and immobilized after being you are forced to endure my 7 day worn out double stocking and pantyhose combo. I plotted and planned, and now I've finally got you where I want you, on the floor, gagged and tied. This is for my enjoyment, I enjoy your suffering, you don't like feet, not a bit, which makes it so much more amusing as I remove the choice from you. You are just forced, if you cry or struggle, it will be worse. I am the psycho bitch from hell that caught you, and you're not going anywhere. The only time I'll get bored is if you start to like it, which does not look like will be soon. I won't get caught, you are my new toy and you need to just accept the fact that I'll do things to you that never entered your imagination, all for my fun and amusement. Watching you suffer gives me joy..

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